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Interactive online scrapbook editor (No download)

Create a beautiful photo book in minutes using Mixbook.com powerful scrapbook editor that allows users to create personalized photo books with ease. Founded in 2006, this Silicon Valley company quickly became the photo book industry leader. How they do it? By creating and marketing the best interactive online software for scrapbook editing that allows you to design your own personalized photo book in minutes, instead of hours without requiring a download.

• Free powerful online scrapbook editor that doesn't require a download
• Hundreds of pre-made layouts and backgrounds perfect for all occasions
• Create a completely customizable photo book in a matter of seconds
• Integration with leading photo sites such as flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SmugMug,   Facebook, Yahoo! Photo search and more
• Completely interactive - Invite your friends to add photos from their collection
• Custom color matching just by dragging the eyedropper tool
• Custom Frames: Choose from Mixbook selection or easily create your own
• Most competitive pricing in the photo book industry
• Did we mention NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED :)

Join in the fun preserving your memories by visiting Mixbook.com today!

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